What Makes you Great?

As you may know, IHRSA puts on one of the biggest and best fitness industry trade shows in the world.  It attracts the best of the fitness industry and gives great insight to trends in the industry and a chance to see some of the best new products for your club.  This year, we wanted to do something a little different.  Because we are in the business of helping fitness clubs grow by providing outstanding fitness club management software to streamline club operations, we decided to ask fitness club owners what makes them great?  Specifically, what do they do that sets their fitness clubs apart from all the others.  The result was a series of interviews that offer terrific insight to what works for others in the industry.  As an added incentive, for each person interviewed, Go Figure donated money to Augie’s Quest to find a cure for ALS.  Feedback was so amazing that Club Insider published an article about it here!  We hope you enjoy the videos.  If you’d like to contribute a video about what makes you great, contact us! 

What Makes you Great Interview with Fausto Di Giulio from Rome Italy

Learn how Wisconsin Athletic Club uses a bar to help retain members.