Register Your iGo Figure Member Management Software

If this is the first time you have installed the iGo Figure Software in a facility, you must call Go Figure to register the software : 281-207-0007

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Resale Owners

If you bought a facility that uses the iGo Figure Software, you must complete the Transfer of Ownership form before registering the software. Click here to download the form.

Already a Registered iGo Figure Customer?

If you have a full-time internet connection at your club and are on Version 3, the iGo Figure Software will automatically register every 120 days. No other action is required to register as long as your internet connection is functioning properly.

If you internet connection is not always active at the time you launch the software, and it is time for registration, press the register online button located in the iGo Connection section of the software (#10 on the More Options Menu).

If an internet connection at your facility is not available, you can obtain your registration number by entering it below and then re-entering the license key at your club computer.