Our Company

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Development : iGo Figure’s experienced and dynamic development team is dedicated to the latest developments in fitness club management software and incorporate the latest and greatest technology. The result makes the iGo 360® Fitness Club Management Software a versatile and outstanding product to run your business. We set standards and trends in the industry and make sure to deliver only the very best. Its no wonder our development team has achieved the Microsoft® Gold Partnership award 7 years in a row!

Executive Team : Backed with a rich experience in fitness club management as a club owner, Kyle Zagrodzky founder and CEO of iGo Figure Software, designed a complete fitness club management software based on his experiences running nine fitness clubs. In 1997 iGo Figure Software launched its first version of fitness club management software. This multipurpose software is easily the best in the world and caters to every administrative need of the club. The enthusiastic and a vibrant team of the Founder and the Vice President Matt Zagrodzky not only understands the needs of the clients but make sure that they bring the best solutions to you to run your club.

Marketing : The fervent, well qualified and talented marketing team of Randy Ivey, Brian Hegvold, Mary Ann Hegvold supports the various departments of iGo Figure Software with simple, creative and easy to understand communication material for the existing and the potential customer base highlighting the best the iGo 360 Fitness Club Management Software has to offer. The team is not only responsible for the marketing initiatives but for designing and creating the perfect email messages, printed materials and the look and feel of the booth at various events and trade shows.

Operations : The operations team makes sure of the smooth functioning of the business. They manage the networking, billing, accounts, vendors and partners.

Quality Assurance: The skilled team of Quality Assurance is responsible for all implementation and maintenance of all quality control process and tests within the organization. It also assists the support and the technology team in detecting, preventing and managing all issues before the product release. For this the QA team creates thousands of tests and cases to ensure that every product from iGo Figure Software is of the highest quality.

Sales : The goal of our sales team is to work towards maximum profits and increase revenue of our customers while meeting all their specific business needs. The sales team will first learn about your facility and how its run before recommending our products. Their years of experience make them fitness club management experts with knowledge on how to use iGo 360 to best run your facility based on the knowledge of best practices from thousands of fitness clubs worldwide. They even demonstrate and provide tools that eventually lead to success. The team is constantly working on saving hundreds and thousands of dollars for the customers.

Technical Support : Our technical support team is awesome. They make sure our customers have a pleasant experience whenever they call. They are available seven days a week and each customer query is professionally treated with equal importance and urgency. So do not hesitate to ask any question, the team will ensure that you are satisfied with the answer.

Training: Our training department strives to provide easy-to-use training material. These are available in various formats, making it easy for the customers to choose as per their convenience. Input and feedback are always welcome as it helps us to improve.