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How does changing a Membership Type affect my reports?

  1. The iGo Figure Software offers you the option to inactivate an old membership, add a new membership to an existing member record or change an existing membership to a new membership type. Which, of these options you choose, will affect how information is displayed in your Traffic Control Sheet.

  2. If you elect to change an existing membership type, that action will be indicated on the Traffic Control Sheet under Membership Conversions. If you instead choose to inactivate a membership and create a new one, the cancellation will be indicated on the Traffic Control Sheet under Canceled Members, and the new membership will appear under New Membership Sales. This is the only reporting difference between these two options.

  3. Regardless of which option you choose, any sign up fee charges will appear in the New Sales column on the Projection Sheet, and any dues charged will be documented in the Dues and Drafts column.