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What is the Customer Account?

Whenever a member is created in the iGoFigure Software, they automatically have a Customer Account* with a balance of $0.00. This balance can go up or down depending on your needs. If your customer, for example, buys water every time they come into your establishment, they may want to put money down for future purchases. So, let us say this customer whom we will call Jane, wants to give your establishment $40.00 now for future water purchases. To do this, you would simply follow the steps below:

  1. From the Main Menu, click on Payments and Product Sales.
  2. Select the customer for whom you wish to add money to their Customer Account.
  3. In the first screen, select Customer Account in the Products tab.
  4. In the, Payment/Deposit to Customer Account window that appears, type the amount to be placed in the Customer Account.
    Note: Do not type in the ‘.’ for your dollar amount. For example, if you want to place $40.00 into the account, simply type, “4000” and the ‘.’ will appear in the correct place. In other words, treat this screen like your ATM.
  5. Click Next to see the Purchase Review screen.
  6. You can add any Additional Comments if you wish but then click Next again to get to the Checkout screen.
  7. Click on the payment method used by your customer for their payment onto their account. Ex: Cash, Check, Credit Card, Account on File, Gift Certificate, or Owner Comp.
  8. This will put whatever you selected into the Payment Method section for $ .00. Type in the amount given to you by the customer.
  9. The Amount Due should be equal to the Amount Paid and so the Balance should be $0.00. If so, select a Sales Person and click Next.
  10. You know see a receipt that you can either Print or simply review before clicking Back to List.

Now, let us say that another customer whom we will call John, owes your establishment $50.00 but can only pay $25.00 now and promises to pay the remaining $25.00 on his next visit the following week. To do this, you would simply follow the steps below:

Let us assume you are already in the Checkout screen of Payments and Product Sales.

  1. You will need to select at least two different payment methods. First select the method of payment they are using to pay for the partial amount due.
  2. Type in the amount the customer is paying in the blank next to that Payment Method.
  3. There should now be an amount listed in the Balance that is equal to the amount that should be sent to collections.
  4. Now, click on Customer Account and this will give you a second Payment Method.
  5. Type in the amount here you wish to be put into collections for this member.
  6. You should now have an Amount Due that is equal to the Amount Paid and a Balance of $0.00. Select the Sales Person and click Next.
  7. In the Customer Account Due Date pop-up window, select the date you wish the collection amount to be paid and click OK.
  8. You can now view or Print the receipt before you click Back to List.