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What does, “This address: Is OK/Is Invalid,” mean?

There are many reasons why you may want to keep track of your members' addresses. Many owners will send their members various letters and/or coupons to boost customer retention. However, sometimes, many of these letters and/or coupons are returned to sender due to an invalid address. Also, you may have some members that simply do not want to be contacted via postal mail. In either of these two cases, you may want to change the This address: field to Is Invalid. This can be located in the member's record under the Personal tab. Once an address is marked Is Invalid, whenever you print labels for those letters and/or coupons again, it will not include any invalid addresses.

You may notice that members will appear in red as if they were Inactive when the Is Invalid bullet is selected on the member’s record. If you do not want these members to appear in red but also do not want to print labels for them, you may consider completely deleting their address information from the member’s records. This way, the member will no longer appear in red on the Attendance Panel, and you do not need to have the Is Invalid bullet selected.

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