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I see a description in a member's payment history that says "Proforma Membership Dues - Active". What is a proforma payment?

Proforma payments are payments that exist in Go Figure's database, but will not move into Money Management. Proforma payments can occur for two reasons.

  1. The membership does not have an account associated in Membership Details.
  2. The computer date was changed to a future date causing drafts to be created in the future.

It is possible for a member to have an account on file (showing up in the Accounts tab), but their membership does not have an associated account. This is because the Go Figure software is designed so that a member can have multiple accounts on file. For example, a member can use their bank account to pay their monthly dues, but keep a credit card on file for retail purchases. Therefore, when you add an account to the Accounts tab, the software does not automatically associate it with a membership. You have to 'tell' the software to do so, by associating the account to the membership in the Membership Details screen

When you want to add an account to be billed monthly, simply go to the Membership Details screen, add the account, and ensure that account is the one selected. Be sure to save your changes.

Changing the computer date is something that is harder to manage at your facility. Many times people will use the Date and Time Properties in Windows as a calendar. After they look at a date, they click OK instead of Cancel and, without realizing it, change the computer time.

You can see if this is happening at your facility by reviewing the Date/Time Discrepancy Report, under Management Reports. However, do keep in mind that some computers are configured to check online and adjust the time if needed automatically. Your computer adjusting the time by itself will add entries to the Date/Time Discrepancy Report, but it will not cause the proforma issue.

Since Version 3.6, we have included a "Time Travel" prevention feature, which will alert you if your date has been altered when you launch the application. This should help alleviate many of these issues; however, the best thing you can do is to train your employees not to use the Date and Time Properties in Windows as a calendar.

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