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What are Fitness Memberships and how can they affect a member's Total Attendance?

To view a Member's Attendance History, do the following:

  1. From the Main Menu, click on Member Records.
  2. Select the member for whom you wish to view their Attendance History.
  3. Click on the History tab.
  4. Click on the pull-down menu that says, Click To Select History Type and choose the Attendance History option.

In a member's Attendance History, you will find three numbers at the bottom that add together to get the Total attendance. The Total is displayed on the Welcome Screen when a member is signed in. Let us say, for example, one of your Members have been with you for some time and has had a few different types of memberships in your establishment. This Member's Record would show each of those Memberships on the General tab of their Member Record. Each of these Memberships will have their own total number of times they attended your establishment under that membership. Certain types of memberships in the iGoFigure software are Fitness Memberships. These membership attendance totals are added to each other so that your customer will see the total number times they have attended your establishment instead of just the number of times she signed in on that particular membership. Below is a list of Fitness Memberships:

  • Check Draft
  • Add-On
  • 12 Month Pre-pay
  • 6 Month Pre-pay
  • 3 Month Pre-pay
  • Month-to-Month
  • Other
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