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How do I handle a Balance Due on member sign-up?

If a customer owes you money for any reason, this can be tracked using the Customer Account. The Customer Account in Version 3 is like a tab or a line of credit at your facility. It is an overall indicator of whether or not the customer owes you money.

When you enter a member, you will input the full amount the member owes for the sign-up fees and the dues paid at sign-up, not just the amount they are paying upon sign-up. This is done on the Initial Payment screen in the New Membership Wizard.

After you have completed the new membership entry, you will be taken to Payments and Product Sales. When you get to the Checkout screen, simply select the payment method for the amount the customer is paying today. If the customer is not paying the full balance at that time, then select Customer Account as the payment method for the remaining balance and input the amount the member is to pay later.

This will cause the member's Customer Account to have a negative balance, and the negative balance will be the balance due which will indicate this member owes you money. The iGo Figure Software will then prompt you to select a due date for the balance due. This date should be the date in which it was agreed upon that the member would come in to make a payment, whether it is a full payment or a partial payment. The member will be able to scan in without being flagged or notified that they owe money until the day they are due. If the member does not make a payment on or before the due date, on scan-in, the member's name will appear in red on the Attendance Panel and they will be prompted by the Welcome Screen to see an employee any time after the due date.