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Online Scheduling

Online Scheduling

Easily manage class schedules, personal training sessions and employee time with an online scheduling system integrated with the iGoFigure Software.

Club Owner Advantages

  • Easy to manage schedules for classes and personal training in one system*.
  • Reduce phone call volume by allowing members to find schedules, register for classes and schedule appointments online.
  • Member data is automatically sent from iGo Figure to the calendar for member reminders and owner reports.
  • Waitlists can be created for classes in high demand.
  • Manage and display employee schedules online.
  • Class registration and appointment schedule reports are available.

Members Love it Too!

  • Easy to find out when classes are held by checking online.
  • Simple sign-up process for classes and appointments.
  • Email reminders are automatically sent.

Call today to learn more about online scheduling and your 30-day free trial for this service.

Toll-free: (866) 532-9588

*Internet connection required