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Volume 2, Issue 2   September 2009
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Letter from Kyle Zagrodzky, Go Figure CEO
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Dear Customers,

Many questions have been raised following the announcement by Curves International of the launch of their own software alternative. Confusion abound for those who thought that CI and Go Figure were one and the same or that Go Figure would discontinue supporting its CI customers.
To clarify, Go Figure is an independent company who has enjoyed a relationship with CI and virtually all of the CI franchisees for many many years. The relationship and the company was born from my own experience as a CI franchise owner, having owned 9 clubs and having been awarded Multi-Franchisee of the Year.
For more than 11 years, Go Figure has continually developed and maintained the world's leading club management software. Our goal is, and always has been, providing the best product, training and support possible to our customers to help you operate your facility as efficiently as possible.
This goal has not changed.
Go Figure's almost 60 employees are dedicated to the development and support of great software to run your club. The iGo Figure Software incorporates best industry practices, like the certification that we meet PCI and PABP standards for member identity theft protection to help keep your data safe. Or a mobile version due out next Spring that will allow you to access your club information on your cell phone.
The good news is that there is no need to go through the risk, expense and hassle of switching to an unknown and unproven alternative product, as Go Figure will continue to serve our CI customers for years to come with great support, products, services, and training.  
Thank you for your business over the years. We look forward to working with you to help you run your facilities as efficiently as possible with the best software available. 


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Coming Soon... iGo Figure on the Web
iGo Figure Web Version will be available soon making it possible to securely access your club's data from anywhere there's an internet connection. You'll also enjoy:
  • Faster software performance.
  • Automated data backup. No need to backup to a CD or jump drive.
  • Upgrades to the latest version with no installations required.
  • No computer upgrades required to use the latest version of the iGo Figure Software. All you'll need is internet access!
More details on how to get started with iGo Figure Web Version will be coming soon!
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