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  • First Credit Online Integrated Services

    Save time and increase the effectiveness of your declined payment collections efforts using this valuable integrated service.

      1. Overview

      First Credit Online is a Go Figure integrated partner that automates your collection efforts on dishonored payments - saving you time, and increasing your profits.

      Here's how it works:

      • Activate the First Credit service on your computer - it's easy and fast.
      • All transactions that are past due, or sent to collections in the iGo Figure software, are then automatically reported to First Credit on a regular basis.
      • First Credit Online handles all communications with the customer for you, until the dishonored funds are paid, or the collection effort is closed. (During the first 104 days, First Credit contacts the customer in your name with friendly reminders that a payment has been dishonored, details, and refers them back to you for payment. Beginning on day 105, the account moves into "Phase 2" where formal collections procedures begin.)

      First Credit Online is a professional, licensed agency, and the most highly recommend A/R management and collections agency for the health and fitness industry since 1993. Their rates are extremely reasonable and affordable, and their company is founded on the principle of customer service-driven collections, keeping your members happy, and your goodwill in the community intact.

      To sign up for the First Credit Online integrated service, or learn more information, please contact a Go Figure Sales Representative toll-free at (866) 532-9588, by email at, or by Skype at GFSales.

      2. Installing the First Credit Online Service

      Once you have ordered First Credit through Go Figure's sales department, you will receive an email with simple step-by-step instructions on activating the First Credit Service.

      These instructions assume you already have Go Figure's Web Portal service installed. If you do not, please click here to view course Web Portal Installation Instructions.

      3. Activating the First Credit Online Service

      Once you have installed the First Credit plug-in, it must be activated. Follow these steps:

      1. Click where it says First Credit Online:

      2. Click where it says Settings:

      3. Click the checkbox next to Enable First Credit Online Plugin. Then enter your Account Number (which will be provided to you by First Credit in an email), set the Minimum Amount as $5.00, and click the Update button:

      Your First Credit plug-in is now activated, and an update of persons in Collections status will be electronically transmitted at the update frequency you selected earlier. You can also manually transmit an update at any time by clicking on the Manually Transmit Members button.

      4. Viewing Reports through the Web Portal

      To view reports through the Web Portal interface, follow these steps:

      1. Open the Web Portal client by double-clicking on the purple iGo orb in the system tray at the bottom-right corner of your screen:

      2. Click where it says First Credit Online:

      3. To see a collections overview, click the Collections Overview button at the left:

      4. To see a summary of people in collections, click the People in Collections button at the left:

      5. To view a collections history, click the Collections History button at the left:

      6. To view or change your application settings, click the Settings button at the left:

      5. Viewing Reports through the First Credit Online Website

      Numerous reports are available on First Credit's website at

      For detailed training videos on how to access and utilize these reports, visit First Credit's website at, click where it says Our Services, then select Client Training:

      Some of the many training videos include:

      • How to Look Up an Account
      • How to Understand Your Acknowledgement Report
      • How to Generate Reports
      • How to View and Understand Your Monthly Statement
      • How to View and Understand a Collection Summary Report
      • How to View and Understand an Account Status Report
      • How to View and Understand Your History Analysis Report

      6. Synchronizing Payments

      Phase 1

      During Phase 1 (the first 104 days after a payment is reported as delinquent), First Credit's collection efforts will refer the member back to you to settle their debt.

      1. When a member comes in to make a payment, go to Payments and Product Sales within iGo Figure, and log the payment as you normally would.

      2. The member will be removed from Collections status within the iGo Figure software.

      3. The information will automatically be transmitted electronically to First Credit, and they will cease collections for the member.

      Phase 2

      During Phase 2 (which begins on day 105), First Credit directs the member to pay them; First Credit will report all payments to you, and will pay you (minus their contingency fee) for the funds collected.

      To manually synchronize these payments within your iGo Figure system, follow these steps:

      1. Regularly check First Credit's website for reports on which members have paid, and how much. If First Credit is notifying you of these payments by email, be sure to regularly check that email account.

      2. When you receive notification of a payment, go to Payments and Products Sales within iGo Figure, and log the payment as you normally would.

      Please understand that First Credit does not electronically write back to your iGo Figure database (only iGo Figure transmits information electronically to First Credit), so Steps #1 and #2 above are mandatory and essential.

      7. Important Items

      Please remember the following important items:

      1. Transactions must be sent to collections from the Main Menu or Money Management, where they will then be automatically reported to First Credit.

      2. Also, please remember that any balances on the Customer Account that become past due will also be reported to First Credit as well.

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