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Please Update Ve
rsion 3.5!

January 2010 

Dear iGo Figure User,

We have contacted you regarding Version 3.5 expiring, but have been unable to confirm that you have already upgraded. If you are still on iGo Figure Version 3.5, you will receive daily messages starting on January 12, 2010 reminding you that the software will expire on February 16, 2010.

To stop receiving these messages you must upgrade to iGo Figure Version 3.6.29.   

If you have already upgraded to Version 3.6, please disregard this email.
Upgrading to iGo Figure Version 3.6
To upgrade to Version 3.6, click on the link below:
Download* the software for free

If you do not have Internet access at your facility, you can download the software using a high-speed Internet connection on a different computer and save the program onto a CD or USB drive. Then, use the CD or USB drive to install iGo Figure on the computer at your facility. 

As always, upgrading to the latest and best version
of iGo Figure is FREE!
*A high-speed Internet connection is recommended for downloading the software.
What's New in Version 3.6?v36 button white
To watch our video, click on the link below:

Learn all about iGo Figure Version 3.6 with our free training materials and watch the Version 3.6 video below to see first-hand how your facility, staff and members will benefit from the upgrade to Version 3.6. 

Watch the "What's New in Version 3.6?" Video Now

Get Your 3.6 Training Now

You can always find answers to commonly asked questions 24/7 in our Tech Support Corner. Simply visit and click on the Tech Support Corner button on the left side.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help!
We'll be glad to assist you.

Best regards,
Go Figure Technical Support

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What do others think of iGo Figure Version 3.6?

I love Version 3.6! It saves so much time and ultimately money.
My employees really appreciate the newly organized inventory system!
Janice - Junction City, KS

Managing my business with Version 3.6 is so much easier! Whether it is using integrated payment processing, pulling reports for setting business goals or entering product sales, everything is just a click away. Now I really have more time for my members. Thank you for this great product!
Judi - Madison County, FL

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