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  September 2008                                                                              INTL English -  Volume 1 - Issue 3
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Exercise Can Reduce Cancer
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You Make A Difference
By: Kyle Zagrodzky, CEO 
Research Shows Exercise Can Reduce Cancer Risk
Everyone I know either has had cancer, had a family member with cancer, or knows someone who battled cancer. This was brought even closer to home when our Quality Assurance Manager, Casey Hartman, was diagnosed with Stage IV lymphoma two months ago and Joe Garrott in our billing group was diagnosed with cancer two weeks ago. 

There is no getting around the fact that cancer is an insidious disease that has touched everyone's life.

One of the things that makes owning a fitness club so great is the positive impact we can have on the lives of our members. Weight loss, more energy, and feeling better are all proven benefits of regular exercise.

And now you can add one more benefit to the list: regular exercise can help reduce the risk of some forms of cancer, and can help with recovery of some forms of cancer.

Studies show staying active and eating well reduce the risk of cancer.
 Casey Office

Go Figure's Quality

Assurance Manager,
Casey Hartman, still smiling
as he works
through his chemotherapy treatments. Casey is 31 years old.

Joe Garrott

Go Figure's Billing Executive, Joe Garrott, getting started with his first chemotherapy treatments.

Lynn Hummel
Go Figure's Office/HR Manager, Lynn Hummel,
after surviving cancer. She exercises regularly.
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The New & Improved Member Email Program
Retain you members You Want to Keep Your Members Longer...and We're Going to Help Make it Happen!

Use the new and improved retention program to ensure that members hear from you regularly -- even when they're not at your club. Emails are sent automatically based on how often the member attends. All this is done through the iGo Figure Software and Retention Management®. You don't have to do anything and you'll have the peace of mind knowing that your members are enjoying educational and encouraging messages.

The new and improved Core product delivers exactly what you've been asking for. Not only does it keep your members motivated, it also provides helpful tools including:
  • Customizable "welcome to the family" and "recovery" emails are sent automatically.
  • Ability to add information to bi-weekly, motivational emails sent to members.
  • Email replies from members come directly to you.
  • Online management tool so you know who receives and opens emails.
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