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iGo Figure Frequently Asked Questions

Computers and Monitors

I have a laptop computer. Will it support two monitors the way iGo Figure uses them?
Most likely a laptop will not support the dual monitor functionality. Although your laptop may allow you to plug in an additional monitor, it may not be able to display a different image than what is on your laptop's screen. Contact the laptop manufacturer to confirm its capabilities for dual monitors.
What kind of monitor does Go Figure recommend?
Go Figure does not recommend any specific brand of monitor, and we have found that most brands, regardless of price, seem to work fine. You may want to consider the thinner and lighter LCD (flat screen) models to help save on counter space.
I have a back office space in my club. Can I network two computers together?
Yes, however Go Figure does not recommend it. In general, you will be adding an avoidable level of complexity and cost to your club that is not necessary. You can have one computer in your office while simply connecting a long monitor extension cable and bar code scanner extension cable to have our member attendance screen up to 30 feet (10 meters) away. In this way, your members can still scan in, while you enjoy the privacy of your office for administrative purposes.
How far can I have the monitor seen by customers from my computer?
You can place your Attendance Screen up to 30 feet (10 meters) from your computer. The USB laser bar code scanners and monitors come with 6 feet (2 meters) of cable each. To reach up to 30 feet, it would be necessary to purchase extension cables.
Are two monitors required to use the iGo Figure Software?
No, you do not need two monitors to use the iGo Figure software. However, your experience, as well as your members' experiences, will be greatly enhanced by this convenience. Tracking attendance, messaging your members when they scan-in, alerting members of their weigh-and-measure day, and reminding members when monthly or annual payments are due will be much easier with two monitors.

Evaluating Version 3

I am currently an iGo Figure Version 2 user and I'd like to experience Version 3 at my club before I commit to it. Is that possible?
Yes! It's a new feature of iGo Figure Version 3! You can install Version 3.5 on your computer, test it out with your data and even conduct training on it before you begin using it to run your club. A few important things to note about the evaluation period:
  • Version 2 and Version 3 will operate as two completely separate programs once they are both installed. Version 3 will make a copy of your Version 2 database for you to be able to see how it works with actual member data. However, any edits you make in Version 3 are NOT available in Version 2. Be sure to continue to update your members' information in Version 2 until you're ready for all employees to use Version 3. You can re-migrate your data from Version 2 to Version 3 at that time so you are sure to have the most updated data file.
  • Once you have committed to using Version 3 and begin making changes to your data, you cannot migrate your data back to Version 2.
  • You can install Version 3.5 on a different computer with no data or a copy of your existing data simply see how the software works.
  • We do not recommend having both Version 2 and Version 3 open and running on the same computer at the same time.
Interested in upgrading to Version 3? Click here for information on how to testdrive and upgrade with ease!
Version 3 is also available in multiple languages. Click here to find out how to set Go Figure to display in your language.
If you have any questions or concerns, contact our Technical Support Team at 281-207-0014 or email

Go Figure Purchases

How are orders shipped?
We send all international orders via FedEx International Priority.
Which credit card does Go Figure accept for purchases?
Go Figure accepts American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover. The card can be a normal credit card or a debit card, as long as it has a credit card symbol. Please be aware that some credit cards have a $500 limit per day. If your purchase happens to be more than this amount, please notify your bank in order to find out whether you have a limit or not. So far, we do not accept regular debit cards.
What is the typical delivery time on order?
All orders will be processed at Go Figure in Sugarland, Texas (United States). The shipment will be delivered within 10 business days after we have received your order. If you have any special wishes, please contact us and let us know as soon as possible. Custom Keytags for your facility will need more time, because they are especially designed for you. Usually the shipping time will be about 6 to 8 weeks.

iGo Figure Capabilities

Do I need an internet connection to use the iGo Figure software?
It's not required that you have an internet connection to use the software. However, if you wish to use the software's integrated payment processing service, an internet connection is required. Either a dial-up or high speed internet connection will work.
I'm concerned about storing customers' bank and credit card information in my computer. How can I be sure it's not accessed by unauthorized people?
The iGo Figure software encrypts the data and displays only the last four digits of an account number when viewing a customer's record. This makes it impossible for anyone to simply look at the screen and view your customer's private information. Only managers and/or owners' passwords will allow access to change and/or update a customers' banking information. As with all passwords, keep this information confidential to avoid security breaches.
Is iGo Figure an accounting program?
The iGo Figure software is designed to be a membership and facility administrative tool. It is not an accounting software package because there are already many effective business accounting software packages on the market, and many of them are designed to deal with the different tax laws. A product such as Quick Books can accommodate these needs using the information that is easily exported from iGo Figure into Microsoft Excel and then imported into an accounting program. Additionally, iGo Figure provides reports on sales and taxes that will be helpful when entering data into the accounting program of choice.

iGo Figure Training and Administrative Questions

How do I get iGo Figure Software upgrades and how much do they cost?
Please visit to request your free software upgrade CD. You may also visit the My iGo section of this website. Login and then download the latest version of the software. Because it is a large file, downloading from My iGo is recommended for high-speed internet users only.
When does the monthly license fee begin?

New Facilities: For a new user whose facility has not yet opened, the monthly license fee begins on the 15th day of the month after the facility opens. Please note your scheduled opening date when purchasing the software.

New iGo Figure Users in Existing Facilities: If you are an existing facility that is planning to being using iGo Figure, your monthly license fee will begin on the 15th of the month after you place your order for the software.

What are the hours for Technical Support?

Our international customer support hours are as follows:

Monday 1h - Saturday 3h GMT


What kind of software training is available?
  • Online learning center

    Online training is easy! Go Figure can train you and your employees any time with our Online Learning Center. Access the Learning Center anywhere you have an internet connection. Track your employees' progress. Best of all, it is free for all iGo Figure users!

    Login now

    Contact if you need your facility's username and password.

  • Webinar training now available

    Free Go Figure webinar training sessions are available on a variety of subjects. You will be able to interact with the presenter (over the internet) for training on a variety of topics, and get answers to your questions. All you need is a phone line and computer with an internet connection

    Click here to view our latest schedule.

  • On demand training

    When you load your software, many terrific training materials are installed and available from your computer. Short video clips explain all the great features of the software, and training manuals are also available.

    See where to find them.

How do I get iGo Figure Software upgrades and how much do they cost?
Please visit to request your free software upgrade CD. You may also visit the My iGo section of this website. Login and then download the latest version of the software. Because it is a large file, downloading from My iGo is recommended for high-speed internet users only.

Integrated Services

I already use integrated services. How do I switch this to iGo Figure?

Moving to the integrated service is very simple and costs nothing. First, be sure you are using iGo Figure Version 3.5 or higher. If you are not, visit to request your free upgrade CD.

Once you are running iGo Figure Version 3.5 or higher, click here to review the instructions for moving to the integrated Ezidebit service.

Click here to see what integrated services are available in your country.

I've heard there's a way to retain members at our health club, but I don't understand how it works.
Retention Management® carefully monitors health club member attendance patterns through the iGo Figure software and sends personalized emails to new and existing members based on the member's attendance frequency. Retention Management adheres to the emailing best practices standards and only sends emails to existing customers. It does not send email to any prospective customers. To learn more or to get started using Retention Management, visit our iGoConnect tab.
We'd like to have ads at the top of the customer's Attendance Screen to promote the products that we sell at the facility. How do I add them?
You can either upload an ad that you have created or you can use Go Figure's AdBuilder Wizard to create an ad that is guaranteed to fit the dimensions of the ad space on the Attendance Screen. You can use this service or you can allow other companies that you choose to use the advertising space to promote their products. Visit the iGoConnect tab to learn more and to start building your ad.
Is there a way to automatically process members' recurring payments and POS purchases?
Australia's leading direct debit payment solution is integrated directly into the iGo Figure software, making it possible to process recurring payments and point of sale (POS) purchases with a few clicks of the mouse. To learn more and to sign up for this service, visit the iGoConnect tab.