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This is truly a superb program that benefits any club to operate at its maximum potential.
Lara, South Africa
I love iGo Figure Software.
Lindy, Québec
I am excited to see Go Figure remain on the cutting edge of technology which allows us the ability to provide excellent service to our members!
Josh, United States
I think iGo Figure is the best program ever. Keep up the good work, you have an amazing program and the most amazing, and kind, staff.
Vicky, United States


Hier noch einmal ein ganz grosses Dankeschön Ihr seid absolute Spitze. Freue mich sehr über den Kontakt mit Euch. Vielen Dank für die super Hilfe!
Gabi Knebel, Germany
I am so appreciative that your support could help me fix anything. Huge thanks ... to your wonderful staff.
Karen Mattson
"I wanted to thank you for your personal attention (and answers to my extra questions), your support team is exceptional and made me feel like a real valued customer. Keep it up and thanks again!"
Charles, Canada
Hallo! Heute war Sheri Gibson bei uns, ich habe ihr gleich von Euch vorgeschwärmt, dass ihr mir so viel geholfen habt und auch immer gleich antwortet., wenn ich etwas nicht weiß. Herzlichen Dank für alles und wir bleiben auf jeden Fall in Kontakt. Bis bald und liebe Grüße aus Karlsruhe.
Gabi Knebel , Germany


I want you to know how much we appreciated the training you did. EVERYONE at the meeting was thrilled with the training. It was helpful to get some questions answered. Thanks from all of us.
Brenda and Sara, United States


The webinars are really easy to access and very informative. You register on the iGo Figure website. They will then send you a confirmation email with instructions. On the day and time of the webinar, you click on a link which will take you to the correct site for viewing. At the same time you call a phone number where you will be prompted to enter a code. That's all there is to it. I usually put the phone on speaker so I can take notes. The webinars are live and very entertaining. The hour usually flies by.
Noreen, United States
I "attended" one of the Webinar session this past weekend. I can recommend it to any of you that use iGo Figure. The session was easy to access and was "live" and interactive. It's a great tool for owners, managers, and staff. It's one hour and finished right on time. I will have my staff view the ones that pertain to them specifically as it's a great resource for us. (you don't have to dress up for it and you can sip your tea while listening. :)
Ruth Tobey, United States
These webinars are wonderful. Having owned both of my clubs for over 5 years, everyone needs a refresher course. I may joke a lot but take this very serious. What you are giving us is priceless. I'm taking even the beginner classes to refresh my skills. Thank you again.